Corporate Consultant - Michael Morrison, JD, MBA

Michael Morrison joined The Law Offices of Douglas Thomas Moore, LLC as its Corporate Consultant after graduating from the Western Michigan University - Thomas M. Cooley Law School. 

Mr. Morrison most recently served as founder and CEO of a consulting firm that specialized in corporate identity packages for law firms, tactical messaging development, effective communications, and social media engagement.

He served as a spokesperson for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) where he provided media interviews during high-profile criminal investigations, developed crisis communications strategies, and marketed statewide programs, including the Florida Offender Alert System, Cold Case Playing Cards and the "12 Days of Fugitives" public awareness campaigns.

Michael Morrison was honored by the Florida Public Relations Association with an Image Award for a marketing campaign that attracted international attention and resulted in the arrest of one of Florida's oldest and most violent prison escapees.

Mr. Morrison graduated with a master's degree in corporate and public communication from Florida State University and also earned his bachelor's degree in professional communication from FSU. He also graduated with an MBA from the Jack Welch Management Institute at Strayer University. 

Mr. Morrison is available for-hire, and can be reached at (808) 419-7169.

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